What You Need to Know About Migration Agency Fees

5 April 2017
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Whenever you are migrating, you can choose to go through the entire process on your own or use a migration agency. Migration agencies are usually more effective because the agents have the experience on what exactly is needed, and, therefore, have an upper hand in helping you through your visa application process. However, there are many migration agencies to choose from and factors such as experience and reliability will help you find the best for your needs. One major aspect, however, is cost. There may be no set fees or charges for using registered migration agents. For this reason, knowing some of the ins and outs of migration agent fees and charges is critical to choosing a migration agent and budgeting for your migration.  Here are 3 things about the fees that are worth knowing.

The Agent Fee Will Depend On the Type of Visa Application

What type of visa are you applying for? You are likely to spend less when applying for a temporary residence than a permanent residence. This is because for a permanent residence, more documents and approvals are needed, which means more work for your agent. In addition, some visa applications, such as permanent residence applications, will usually take longer to be prepared. Therefore, the extra amount of time needed by your agent to prepare such applications means he or she will most likely charge you more.

You Should Consider the Fee Policy of the Migration Agent When Choosing One

Every migration agency has its own fee policy. Look for agents who offer a no visa, no fee policy. The policy means that if you don't get the visa, your fee will be refunded. Agencies are businesses so working without pay is something they will want to avoid. For this reason, most of agencies with the no visa, no fee policy will only be willing to help with your application if they are confident enough your application will be approved. However, remember that only the government department concerned with issues of migration make the decisions concerning visa applications so your migration agents have no influence on the outcome of your application. Therefore, what the migration agent will do is advise you on choosing the most ideal visa to apply for to enhance your chances of approval.

You Need to Find Out the Migration Agency's Policy On Consultation Charges

Migration agents that offer free consultation are obviously the best option to consider. However, because of things such as experience, you may find the need to shop around. As you look for a better agent with better services, go for an agency that offers refundable consultation fees should you choose to proceed with the company.