Interesting Ways Recruiters Use information From Your Social Media Pages

23 October 2017
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Employment agencies have made getting a job much easier. All you have to do is drop your resume at an agency, and they will match you with a potential employer when there are any openings. In the past, the main aspect that was considered by employers was the information presented in your resume. As long as you had the right qualifications and they could confirm all the details provided by calling your references, it was a done deal. Nowadays, employers are keen on hiring well-rounded individuals. While you might have the right skills professionally, minor elements of your social life can make you miss the chance of getting your dream job.

To determine your professional connections

One of the best social media platforms to share professional information on is LinkedIn. Once a recruiter accesses your profile, they are not interested in your work experiences or education, since these are already documented in your resume. They focus on your professional connections and your specialties. Suppose you are seeking a job as an accountant, and your profile shows that you have connections with numerous other accountants around the country. Such a profile would get more interest from recruiters than a profile that is blank or that does not show any links with the accounting field.

To determine your character

Many people use social media to share details about their lives, which reveals a lot about them without their knowledge. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures when you are out with friends watching the Wallabies play. However, pictures taken when you are drinking or engaging in over-the-top behavior should not appear anywhere on your social media profiles.

When this happens, a recruiter will assume that you are unpredictable and that your habits can affect your work. Take time to go through all your pictures on social media before dropping off your credentials at a recruitment agency.

To assess your integrity

The information you present on your resume should relate to what is visible on your social media pages. Any difference raises questions about your integrity. Anything you post on social media platforms speaks volumes about your personality. While everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, you should be watchful about the impact your utterances have on other people.

While social media helps you to connect easily to your friends and family, you should use it to build your professional brand. This will make you stand out from a huge list of candidates who are all seeking the same job.